Does Sex Addiction Exist?

Lynne Schultz

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Extramarital sex, prostitution and S&M

Because all “sex sin” leads to addiction, extramarital affairs, prostitution and sado-masochism are all viewed as symptoms of sex addiction by and many other sites.

For instance, the Sexual Addiction and Recovery Web site lists all three as addictive behaviors. Pornography, masturbation and fantasy are both listed as "building block" behaviors toward addiction. About fantasy, the site said:

"The mind is where all the behaviors start. The fantasy may be about a sexual act or it may be about a person. Another term that could be used is 'daydream.' The desires and thoughts about the behavior start in the mind before an addict engages in any other act of the addiction."

The Sexual Addiction and Recovery site also warns that sex addicts not in recovery have two possible destinations in life: the morgue or prison.

Sex addiction is like any other

According to those who say sex addiction exists, any behavior can become compulsive. The sex addict engages in behavior he or she knows to be destructive but can't control. We know that alcohol addiction is an illness, and sex addiction is no different. Sex addiction takes over the life of the addict, breaks up marriages and prevents addicts from having healthy relationships. Some proponents of this point of view believe that the problem of sex addiction, like other addictions, has a spiritual component and requires a spiritual cure.

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