Does Sex Addiction Exist?

Lynne Schultz

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painting of Sarah Godschall by John Russell

According to, an anti-porn conservative Christian Web site, sex is “so powerful” that it can only be done safely in a loving marriage. Otherwise, it becomes “unstable” and brings about addiction, “spiritual confusion,” perversion, destruction of families “and a host of other possible side effects.”


Every day, millions of people are becoming addicted to pornography, which “profoundly” damages people, according to the site. The use of pornography, especially with masturbation, becomes a way to worship sex. This leads to a host of side effects, some of which are listed as: homosexuality, masturbation, increased tendency toward sexual crime, uncontrolled thoughts, sexual dissatisfaction and promiscuity, among others.


According to the Web site, masturbation is addictive and destroys one’s marital sex life because “it’s all about satisfying our own selfish desires.”

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