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A Historical Overview of Heroes in Contemporary Works of Fantasy Literature
Literature professor John L. Flynn's history of fantasy literature, which, despite the title, covers both early and contemporary fantasy.
Online marketplace that sells, among other things, books of all genres; source of book ranking information.

Classic Horror Stories
A collection of classic horror stories that have come into the public domain.

Danse Macabre
A book by horror legend Stephen King regarding the history of horror fiction and film.

Definitions of Science Fiction
A list of quotations from science fiction and fantasy authors, scientists, philosophers and other thinkers regarding the nature of science fiction.

Science Fiction Literature
An essay from the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission detailing the effects of science fiction works on the early pioneers of space exploration; includes a history of major science fiction authors.

Search for Tomorrow: Science Fiction Literature and Today's Student
A middle-school science fiction literature course plan by Anthony F. Franco for the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute; includes a detailed synopsis of the history of science fiction, especially as it pertains to literature.

The Delights of Terror, chap. 2
A book from literature professor Terry Heller regarding the enjoyment of horror fiction on a literary level; reprinted in its entirety online by the author.

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