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» The FMC Musician Survey was put out by the Future of Music Coalition. They conducted a survey of thousands of musicians to assess how they use the Internet. According to the Web site, "The report finds that musicians and artists have embraced the internet as a tool that helps them create, promote, and sell their work. However, they are divided about the impact and importance of free file-sharing and other copyright issues."

» RIAA Radar allows music consumers to detect whether or not an album is RIAA-safe. This usually means that it is safe to download, and it is most likely and independent artist or an album that was put out by a small label. One of the features is the RIAA Radar Indie 100, which lists the highest-selling albums on that are RIAA-safe. This feature is good for discovering new music that is safe to preview via file-sharing programs. If you can, try and support the artists you like.

Online communities

» Myspace is an online community that focuses on networking. Members can connect with friends and find bands based on similar tastes or location. Bands are able to create music pages with streaming songs, concert dates and whatever else they want to include.

» Purevolume features signed and unsigned bands and can also be used for networking as well as promoting and discovering new music.

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» Smartpunk

» Interpunk

Bands interviewed

» The Mercy League

» Escape Grace

» Morivivi

» Morningbell