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Morivivi may not know what's in store for the next few months, but you can be sure that the Internet will play a part in the band's future.

The band recently stopped paying for their Web site, deciding that the online music communities Purevolume and Myspace give the band a sufficient Web presence.

"Both of those have a means to update and keep people posted and put songs up," guitarist Gabe De Paz said.

All of Morivivi's booking and contact with other bands is done online as well, he said, and he think that the Internet has made it easier for bands to get noticed.

"I mean now there are a lot of bands, more competition, if you will, but it's easier as far as telling somebody to visit the Web site," he said. "Thereís a lot more people discovering us that way."

And while he admits that he might be singing a different tune if he were on a major label or if the band was his career and means of making money, Gabe is not too concerned with file sharing.

"Personally, if I like a band a lot I would use the Internet as a sample and then I'll go out and buy CDs if I think a bandís worth it," he said.

The number of people with that mentality may grow with an increase in the number of CDs that are packaged with extra features that can't be found online.

"Nowadays labels and bands are finding more ways to attract people beyond the tracks because a lot of CDs now have elaborate book inserts, the CD will be an enhanced CD and youíll have a bunch of bonuses and goodies that you can't have if you download the tracks," Gabe said.

At the same time, he acknowledges that there will always be people getting the music they want for free.

"You just need to give them another reason to do it other than just the tracks on the CD," he reiterated.

The Internet may be both a blessing and a curse for the music community.

"I guess it all depends on what that artist is going for," Gabe said. "If it's shooting for making money as a band then definitely the Internet is a huge cripple on that. But if bands or artists are doing it for artistic sake and want people to hear their music on the Internet, itís a blessing for those people. It all depends."

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