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With the advent of the Internet came a further democratization of ideas and information. Of course, as with all forms of media that came before it, marketing and entertainment were also involved.

It was only a matter of time before the Internet had a great effect on the music community.

One of the greatest assets of the Internet is its ability to eliminate the barriers to entry. Virtually anyone can use this unregulated and relatively new medium to communicate and interact with the rest of the world almost instantaneously.

Unsigned and possibly unheard of artists are now, more than ever, able to succeed without a major record label standing behind them.

It has never been easier for independent musicians to network with other people in the music community, schedule performances, promote and distribute their work and merchandise, and even set up successful cross-country tours.

Bands that are just starting out are now able to build a fan base simply through their own Web site and by using the resources available online.

In recent years, the Recording Industry Association of America has been cracking down on file-sharing programs and users through lawsuits and litigation.

While some artists perceive illegal downloading as a threat, others have embraced the opportunity to have their work shared.

Nevertheless, many artists owe their success to the Internet, and it has become an invaluable tool for bands as well as for the people they are trying to reach.

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