IRobot LE :


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"Packer, Laura" <>
Mon Apr 11 09:41:26 EDT 2005
RE: hi! request permission

You may use this picture for one time use on your website, as long as it
is not for commercial use.

Best wishes,
Laura Packer

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Honda Asimo:

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Sun Apr 10 22:15:26 EDT 2005
RE: hola! permission

Querdido Mario:

Gracias por su comentario acerca del blog. Es un placer saber de gente como usted.
Puede utilizar la fotografía mientras no se olvide citar mi nombre (Roberto Marquino) y los links de procedencia ( para el blog y para mi portfolio fotográfico online). Si solo tiene espacio para escribir un link, por favor escriba el segundo (
Por favor, utilice la fotografía de asimo que le adjunto, la cual es de mejor calidad que la que hay en el blog.
Hágame saber la dirección de su  página web para ver el artículo. Tengo interés en ver cómo queda.
Si puedo ayudarle en otra cosa no dude en escribirme.
Gracias y suerte.

Dear Mario:

Thank you for your comment about blog. It's a pleasure to know from people like you.
You can use the photograph while don't forgetting to write my name (Roberto Marquino) and  the following links: (blog) and that's my photographic portfolio online. If you only can write one link please write the second one (
Please use the attached photograph which is better than the one posted in the blog, I guess.
I would to know the url of the web to see the article. I'm interested in see the result.
Write me if you need it.
Thank you and good luck!

Roberto Marquino.

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Cover of "Beyond Webcams" :

Source: Permission pending.

I have contacted Pam Quick at MIT Press, and anticipate that I will receive authorization immanently.

Pam Quick
Permissions Coordinator
phone 617-253-0080

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Source: Permission pending.

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"RODRIGUEZ,MARIO G" <> Add to address book
Tue Apr 12 16:57:25 EDT 2005
hi: request permission!

Hello! I am a Journalism Masters student at the University of Florida, constructing a web site with basic information about some interesting robots. I wanted to include a CRASAR page, and was wondering if I might be able to use two pictures from the WTC deployment:


These are on your website.

Remember, this page is for strictly educational purposes. Thanks for your time, and I hope you will permit me to use these two images. CRASAR is very interesting. Perhaps one day, I will get certified.



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Cover of I, Robot:

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Mon Apr 11 13:43:46 EDT 2005
Re: hi! request permission
Hi thank you for your interest in my web site. Unfortunately I do not own the
rights to the image I just scanned the cover of the book and used it to review
the work. I am not sure that is completely legal but so far no one has
complained. Anyway I can say go ahead but don't blame me if Bantam sends a
bunch of lawyers after you!

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Source: Permission pending.

I emailed the webmaster, but it would appear to be a dead link.

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Hi! My name is Mario Rodriguez, a Journalism Student at the University of Florida. I'm putting together a web page just about some of my favorite robots, and wondered if I could use your pic of the z-walker and/or mark tilden in my page about BEAM? Please write me back and let me know if this would be okay. Respectfully, Mario
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Cute Dog:

"amanadog2" from, "Cute Dogs: Vol. 2". Copyright(C) 2005 GMO Mobile&Desktop Inc. All Rights Reserved. ?????????????????????? Permission pending.

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