Wee Read

Where: Escambia County

Wee Read is a public/private literacy partnership that strives to improve literacy for adults and children.

Wee Read uses a three-pronged approach:

1. Provides forty hours of staff development for child care providers that have
centers in low-income areas

2. Assesses the literacy level of three and four year old children

3. Provides monthly parent newsletters, annual parent conferences and monthly family nights
Watch a video of a daycare provider working with a child's fine motor skills by stringing macaroni at a Wee Read function.
Care to Read

Where: Palm Beach County

Care to Read is a literacy program that works with child care providers at centers and individual family care homes to improve the language and literacy opportunities for children.

Care to Read has three components:

1. Ongoing professional development opportunities for child care staff

2. A regular supply of new, age-appropriate books for classroom libraries

3. New books for the children to choose and keep (Fulton, 24)

Collaborating Coalitions

Where: Duval, Clay, Nassau, Baker and Bradford Counties

Collaborating Coalitions was created as an integrated system of services that emphasizes literacy skills to prepare children for kindergarten.

It uses a system that is a combination of ELLM and another curricula, Links to Literacy, to create an environment where children are thinking, solving problems, using memory skills, planning, organizing and making decisions through activities that promote and reinforce literacy skills (Fulton, 25).
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