Florida Even Start

Florida Even Start is a federally funded program to help break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy in low-income families by improving educational opportunities.

The program is designed to serve families with at least one child up to age seven and at least one parent who did not graduate from high school or does not have sufficient basic education skills.

The programs must provide high-quality, intensive instructional opportunities that promote adult literacy, encourage parents to be involved in their child’s educational growth, are developmentally appropriate, and prepare children for success in regular school programs.


Florida Partnership for School Readiness

Local education agencies

One or more non-profit community based organization

Institutions of higher learning or public or private organizations (Moore, 10)

Early Literacy and Learning Model (ELLM)

The ELLM is a research-based early literacy curriculum and instructional support system for children in preschool, kindergarten and first grade, and their families and teachers.

There are five components of the ELLM.

1. Literacy curriculum

2. Family involvement

3. Professional development

4. Working partnerships

5. Research and evaluation


University of North Florida College of Education and Human Services

Florida Institute of Education

Children Development Education Alliance

Duval County Public Schools

Jacksonville Business Community

Jacksonville Children’s Commission

Jacksonville Urban League Head Start

Episcopal Children’s Services and other stakeholders (Moore, 11)

HeadsUp! Reading Florida

HeadsUp! Reading Florida was created by the National Head Start Association and its partners, RISE Learning Solutions and the Council for Early Childhood Recognition.

It consists of a college course on early literacy for teachers of children ages birth to five that is broadcasted on satellite television. It is designed to build a strong foundation for reading in these crucial early years.


Florida Partnership for School Readiness

Florida Children’s Forum

Florida Sate Even Start Family Literacy Program

Florida Head Start Collaboration Office

Park Foundation

Florida Department of Education (Moore, 11)

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