Parent and child learning together
It is important for young children to observe their parents reading, and it is vital that they have many different language and reading experiences such as:
Nursery rhymes
Rhyming games
Lap-time reading
Bed-time reading   (Lyon, 2)
Family literacy programs are designed to provide an array of services that integrate the following four components:

1.      Children’s Education Component

Addresses language and literacy development

Programs provide services for infants, toddlers, children in preschool or elementary school, or some kind of combination

2.    Adult Education Component

Help parents recognize that as their literacy skills improve, they can assist their children’s educational needs better

Programs provide services for parents who may have not graduated from high school or parents who speak a language other than English

3.     Parent Time Component
Designed to do four things:

1. Share new ideas and information about children’s language and literacy development

2. Offer encouragement and support to parents as their children’s first teachers

3. Provide advocacy and referrals to help parents access community resources

4. Help parents set goals for themselves and for their children
(Darling, 9)

4.  Parent and Child Together Component

Provides scheduled time for parents and children to meet in an educationally supported environment and work, learn and play together (Darling, 29)
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