"College Students Play Their Role"

Haitian CoVerage

Haitian CoVerage

College students play their role

FHSA is a college bound organization that promotes Haitian culture and teachings throughout the state of Florida. Once each year, FHSA chooses a University or College that has a creole club to host a one week conference. This year, 2005, FHSA held its annual event at Florida Atlantic University...located in Boca Raton, Florida. Serveral sucessful and professional haitian individuals were also invited to the conference so that they could give encouragement and advice to the future generations of leaders.

Another successful organization that supports the Haitian Culture is GALA. Gala is an annual event, hosted by the Club Creole of the University of Florida. The purpose of Gala is to raise money to send medical students to haiti with toys, clothing, food, and medicine. Each year, Club Creole makes it a priority to invite as many professional, sucessful and college bound individuals as possible to this formal event as possible so that the outcome can be better each year.

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