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"Why should I listen to you?"

This site was created by a loyal hockey fan who has been frustrated by the lack of the NHL for the past year.

As a fan, I have closely followed the lockout process and familiarized myself with the happenings. I felt this was an important topic to discuss, so I created a a Web site for it. Because the collective bargaining process is very complex and difficult to understand, my goal was to simplify it so someone unfamiliar might be able to grasp the concepts.

So how did I do? You can feel free to email me and let me know.

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More about me...

I played ice hockey for 8 years growing up in Tampa as a Lightning fan. Last year was a lot of fun, watching my Bolts go all the way. I blogged about my experiences during that time in a three-part story, which you can read at these links:

Adventures in the Cup Finals: Part 1

Adventures in the Cup Finals: Part 2

Adventures in the Cup Finals: Part 3

Those were some fun times, and I sure miss them. Be sure to check out this great Stanley Cup Finals video from the guys who run KingsMediaZone.com. It gets me all misty-eyed.


There have been a few invaluable Web sites that I've relied upon during the lockout process for my news and updates. The most important sites are, of course, Canadian sports news. The two sites I read are:



Additionally, the Hockey's Future message boards are a great and informative community of folks who have been on top of everything during the lockout.

I think it's fitting to close this out with a great commercial from Nike regarding the lockout, entitled "A Dark Day." Bring it back, indeed.

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