Muds, Multi user Dungeons, are called by a host of names such as Mush’s, Moo’s, Tiki’s, but they all come down to about the same thing.

The text-based game is usually heavily driven by the players, with players creating characters, quests and storyline as they go. Characters usually fight monsters and complete quests gaining experience and become more powerful.

These early, but still somewhat popular games were the precursors to MMORPG’s. Multiple players would log in simultaneously and play together.

These games, while sometimes created by corporations, were usually made by people who liked games and knew enough programming. To make one a person just needed to know enough programming or have the right programs. This means that there are hundreds of thousands of these games.

Do to the ease of finding free MUD’s, subscription based MUD’s failed. As time moved on Mud’s lost popularity to console and computer games with graphics.

To play on a mud one needs a mud client, a freeware trial client is available at Zuggsoft and I’d recommend The Final Challenge as a MUD to play.

While the MUD is intriguing for it’s customizable options and player run systems, it was merely a forerunner of the MMORPG.

I'd like to take a moment to thank the MUD for teaching me to type on a qwerty keyboard at an alarming fast pace.

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