Welcome to RPG Evolution

On this website you will find basic information about RPG’s, but most importantly you will be given an idea of how the RPG’s have evolved. From its start as geeky board game to its becoming billion dollar businesses.

The information is divided into sections; the RPG before video, the RPG on computers and consoles, The RPG as a MUD and the RPG as an MMORPG.

These are a few definitions that will help you along.
RPG – Role Playing Game
VRPG – Video Role Playing Game, RPG’s that are played on console systems like Nintendo or PlayStation
CRPG – Computer Role Playing Game, an RPG played on the computer
MMORPG – Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game, a game that focuses on having a large number of online players joining into the same world and playing together
MUD – Multi User Dungeon, text based online RPG involving a number of players, the precursor to MMORPGs
Table Top – RPG’s that are played without computers. They use typically use dice, paper and books.

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