Advancements of 1950


The United States entered the Korean War in 1950. This war would be the first war in which most the aircraft used would be jets. Furthermore, the use of on-board radar systems and g-suits to handle airspeed and maneuvers would be aeronautical firsts. The United States used a variety of jet fighters/bombers during the conflict, but eventually settled on the F-86 Sabre (pictured above-left). Though the Sabre was inferior in speed and rate of climb to its adversary the Mig 15 (pictured below-right), it did possess several features that enabled it to have an advantage. Mikoyan MiG 15 The F-86 had a better on-board radar system as well as better handling. Moreover, U.S. pilots were much more adept at handling their aircraft. Aircraft in the Korean War were armed with a variety of cannons and rockets. Though rockets were used in the Second World War, there use in the Korean War would become more prolific.

first flight
german airship cruising fighter loading bombs ju87s b17 formation me262 x1 f86sabre