Military History of Aviation

On December 15, 1903, the Wright brothers made history in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina by becoming the first man to take to the air. Their accomplishment was hailed as a milestone in human achievement though most people of the time failed to see the flying machineís overall potential. Five years and numerous refinements after that landmark flight, the Wright brothers tested out their newest innovation in aeronautical technology for the United States army. Though impressed, the U.S. army saw little to no functional use for the brotherís flying machine. However, several years later the armies of the world would take this seemingly innocuous invention and create one of the most awesome and terrifying weapons in the new age of warfare.

This site contains a timeline of aviation innovations through war. Simply click on the date on the timeline and discover how aviation advanced through the first half of the twentieth century...

german airship cruising fighter loading bombs ju87s b17 formation me262 x1 f86sabre