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Vegan Recipes:

Cooking vegan food is half of the fun. There are many great recipes available for breakfast, lunch or dinner (snacks too!). These foods contain many nutrients and essential vitamins to give a vegan a complete and wholesome meal.

Because a big part of being a vegan is maintaining your health, it is recommended that non-bleached flours and organic ingredients are used. Not only will this enhance the flavor of your food, but make your dish much better for you. Health food stores are being more conveniently placed, and even large grocery chains have an organic section with many options. Many soy items last longer in a refrigerator than regular diary products, so it is convenient to have these items available for when you want to cook.

The following recipes have been compiled from various sources listed below and have been slightly altered with personal recommendations. You can explore many possibilities with such great vegan cook books such as How it All Vegan (Barnard and Kramer), Book Lover’s Café Cookbook (Dougherty and Schleifer), The One Dish Vegetarian (Robbins) and a database of vegan recipes online, VegWeb.

Click on the meal tabs above and try some of these suggestions for an easy and delicious meal!

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