Serial Killers

In the past century, America has had its fair share of serial killers. Serial killers are a modern phenomenan, although people that mudered many have existed since the beginning of time. However, serial killing, as it is known today, according to the F.B.I., says that "to be classified as a serial killer, the person must first complete 3 separate murders, that are spaced by a duration they call "the cooling off period" which can vary from a few days to years. But one thing that very few definitions include is that for a killer to be known as a "serial Killer", they must have a particular method to their killings. For instance, Wayne Gacy, had the trade mark of gagging victims with their own underwear so that they would die in their own vomit." Also, modern serial killers often do not kill for money or revenge, but instead for sexual satisfaction.

Serial killers are an important subject for people to know about, particularly young females who are often the most vulnerable. Knowing about them can not only help people protect themselves, it can also help people identify potential problems and characteristics in young people so that future tragedies can be prevented.

In order to learn more about serial killers, one could look at notorious serial killers, some of the history of serial killers, as well as characteristics that many serial killers share. An interesting link between journalism and serial killers can also be looked at. Since I am a journalism major, it is particularly interesting to me that some killers reach out to the media to gain more attention. Although there have been many serial killers in the last century, I chose to touch upon only a few that stand out.