Picture of Time Square
How many students dream of living in New York City post graduation? Most students strive to live in New York City while few actually prosper. The majority of students' aspirations to live in New York City fall short after they realize the financial burden and difficulty in adjusting to such a lifestyle that is inevitable while living there. This Web site is a basic guide to help aspiring students, particularly those interested in the advertising industry, attain a job, function and live in the Big Apple!
“Advertising Agencies” is a link that lists various advertising agencies in New York City. Click on this link above to find a Job.
“Transportation in New York” is a link that helps you travel throughout New York City. This links emphasis is on the subways, but it does offer various links to information about taxi, bus, railroad and other transit opportunities.
“Info. on Apartments” is a link that discusses the brake-down of the major suburbs in New York City, the advantages and disadvantages. It also helps narrow down price ranges for potential New Yorkers..
Enjoy the above links and I hope THE LINKS HELP YOU attain a job, function and live in New York City.