Cold Urticaria

Cold Urticaria : Allergic to Cold

An icy waterfall with snow under a bridge at Cornell University('05) "Unfortunately, I can't avoid the cold," said Jessica Poris, who has been allergic to cold temperatures since the age of 10.

The New York native has been living with cold urticaria for nearly a decade.

She spent 20 chilly winters in New York before attending the University of Florida - more than 1,000 miles south from any New York snow storm.

But, cold urticaria is not a winter allergy.

So, if you think that moving to Florida would put an end to her allergy woes, think again, and imagine holding a glass of ice water or feeling the cool nip of a breeze in an autumn afternoon.

This Web site will educate you about her condition. It also addresses signs, symptoms and treatments for cold urticaria patients.

Learn more about Poris - her first allergic reaction, how she took the "itch" out of winter and some cautionary steps she takes to prepare for the "inevitable cold" out there - in "True Life."

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