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Set a New Standard

"The University Library was the largest campus building when it opened in October, 1926. It was the last building designed by UF's first architect, William A. Edwards."(Smathers)

Later it was renamed "Library East" when the adjacent "Library West" was opened in 1967. It finally came to be "Smathers Library" in 1991, named in honor of UF benefactor George Smathers, former U.S. Senator. (Smathers)

Collegiate Gothic Style

The Smathers Library is a good example of Collegiate Gothic Style architecture on the UF campus. Collegiate Gothic Style is influenced influenced by medieval Gothic architecture. It became popular during the 19th century, especially for academic, political and religious buildings, because of its “moral overtones.”(Architecture)

Currently, the library is under renovation - visitors will find scaffolding lining some walls of the building, and many of the once grandiose windows have been temporarily boarded up. According to library staff members, it will be some time before the building is done being renovated. But, they say the final product will be well worth the wait.

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