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Popular Spot to Sit

The Plaza of the Americas is a favorite spot among students to eat lunch, take a nap, study or just past time between classes.

During lunchtime hours, the Hare Krishnas set up their "for a donation" vegetarian lunch line and serenade the students with some relaxing religious music fit for meditation.

Forum for Ideas

"The plaza is the official forum of the university where students and religious and political organizations peacefully present their views and information."(Plaza)

Banners, signs, fliers, tables- all manner of free speech can be found on a daily basis when walking through the Plaza of the Americas. However, in order to protect the plaza from becoming a place students avoid, groups wishing to distribute information must wait for students to approach them before speaking. (Plaza)

A Long History

"The Plaza was named in February of 1931. At the first meeting of the International Latin American Association, students planted 21 semi-tropical trees on the plaza and dedicated them to the 21 countries invited to the meeting."(Plaza)

The brick walkway that runs through the plaza is called the "Friendship Walk" and was built under Stephen C. O'Connell's presidency in 1967 . Students were allowed to each lay a brick to create its path, symbolizing the diversity of our student body." (Plaza)

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