Baughman Center
Century Tower
Smathers Library
University Auditorium
Plaza of the Americas

Take a stroll through the University of Florida campus: you'll find yourself walking along cool, tree-lined streets to the tune of Carillon bells marking the quarter hours, passing red brick buildings designed with an eye for medieval architecture, and college students are sprawled with books, blankets and Hare Chrishna lunches under nearly every tree.

This is the atmosphere nearly 50,000 UF students relish each year. This web site is dedicated to just a few of the places that make UF the distinct college campus known and loved by students and alumni.

By clicking the photos above, visitors can view a few of UF's most interesting and historic places, along with a brief history of each. Enjoy!

This site is not in any way affiliated with the University of Florida. All photos taken by Alice Wallace.   Bibliography