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Many people may know a little about two of the most important civilizations in world history, the ancient Greeks and Romans. You may have heard of Zeus or the Parthenon or Julius Caesar.
But for most these two civilizations are interchangeable. What is the difference between a Greek and a Roman anyway?

The Pantheon in Rome
A statue of a Greek man circa 480 B.C.

Who's Who?

The Greek civilization lasted from about 500 B.C. to about 150 B.C. and was centered around the present-day country of Greece. The Roman Empire, though once encompassing all of Europe and into Asia and Africa, was centered in central Italy, specifically in Rome. It lasted from about 25 B.C. to a little past 300 A.D.
Both of these civilizations brought art, culture, invention and architecture to the world. Both are filled with rich history and famous people. But the purpose of this web site is to explain what it was like living in each of these great cultures.

What does it mean to be an ancient Greek or Roman?

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