Golden Retriever
Most information gathered from:
Gerstenfeld, Sheldon L. ASPCA Complete Guide to Dogs. 1999
And a little information from:


Photo sources:
American Eskimo by Justin Brady
Boston Terrier by Darlene Brown
Boxer by Jeremy Cynkar
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel by Elisabeth D'Angelo
Chihuahua (Licorice) by Elizabeth Szymanski
Chihuahua (Lolita) by Beth Graeler
Dachshund by Mary Pinto
German Sheperd (Sierra) by Beth Graeler
Golden Retriever (Gracie) by Gary Smith
Golden Retriever (Mabel) by Kevin Willis
Greyhound by Beth Graeler
Labrador Retriever by Cara Forbush
Maltese by Lauren Dean
Miniature Pinscher by Noel Hart
Pomeranian by Elizabeth Szymanski
Pug by Stephanie Reck
Siberian Husky by Amy Silverman
Yorkshire Terrier by Jessica Goldstein
Remaining photos by Catherine Smith



Dogs, even of the same breed, may differ greatly. The information and descriptions of dogs on this site are not guaranteed.

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