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"Press releases tell us when federal agencies do something right, but the Freedom of Information Act lets us know when they do not."
- Sen. Patrick Leahy, 1996

FOI Resources

Florida Freedom of Information:

The Brechner Center for Freedom of Information -
Contains updated information regarding Florida's Public Records and Open Meetings Laws. Also contains a monthly news publicating regarding FOI and media law issues in the state of Florida and a Citizen's Guide to open government. An excellent source for students, journalists and concerned citizens. Located at the University of Florida.

The Sunshine Coalition -
A group dedicated to maintaining an open government in Florida and supporting Sunshine laws. Contains FOI news stories and links to legislator's voting histories.

The First Amendment Foundation -
Contains First Amendment and access publications and guides. Also publishes a yearly update of legislative history.

Florida Attorney General -
Florida's Government-in-the-Sunshine Laws according to Attorney General Charlie Crist. Also provides links to Attorney General Opinions dealing with the Sunshine Law.

Online Sunshine: The official site of the Florida Legislature -
Provides an array of information including links to sunhine laws as well as legislative histories. Also provides links to other government websites.

Federal and State-wide Freedom of Information:

Citizen Access Project -
A comprehensive state-by-state analysis of Freedom of Information laws. Located at the University of Florida.

Government Links -
Links to federal government agencies, by the United States House of Representatives.

National Freedom of Information Coalition -
Helps to start of FOI organizations and provides Freedom of Information news from around the country.

The Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press -
Provides legal assistance to journalists and information regarding Freedom of Information laws.

Public Record Finder -
A site that provides links to public records online.




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