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Reggae through the years
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Contact me at Chanti1185@msn.com or by phone at 352-846-7926.

I am a Public Relations student at the University of Florida. I was born in Jamaica, and I am fascinated by its history, music and culture.

My father is a “selector” in Jamaica, who owns a sound system. I grew up with pulsating reggae music rocking my house.

This music is an important part of my heritage and background, and I welcome any opportunity to research, learn and share my knowledge with others. This was my inspiration for this Web site about Reggae music.

I trust that this site took you on an enjoyable and informative reggae trip, through the years. This is merely an introduction to the colorful, inspirational and stimulating rhythm that is reggae. The only way to truly understand the culture and its music is to experience it yourself. I encourage you to visit its roots - to visit Jamaica.

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