Facts on Drug Use

•  In 2002, 670,307 drug-related visits in hospital emergency departments nationwide, an increase from the 518,880 reported in 1994.

•  Rates of cocaine use by college students over the previous 5 years had varied between 2.0% of all students in 1994 to 4.7% in 2001, and marijuana use ranged from 29.3% in 1994 to 35.6% in 2001.

•  Of high school seniors 47.8% reported having ever used marijuana/hashish

•  In 2001, 29% of all students in grades 9 through 12 reported someone had offered, sold, or given them an illegal drug on school property. This was an increase from 1993 when 24% of such students reported that illegal drugs were available to them on school property.

•  108 million Americans age 12 or older (46% of the population) reported illicit drug use at least once in their lifetime

•  70% of illicit drug users, age 18-49, were employed full-time.

•  6.3 million of full-time workers were illicit drug users.

•  1.6 million of these full-time workers were both illicit drug and heavy alcohol users in the past

•  In 1999 a total of 19,102 persons died of drug-induced causes, which includes not only deaths from dependent and nondependent use of drugs, but also poisoning from medically prescribed and other drugs.


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