Xiomara Caro, PR student

Xiomara Caro

PR specialty that you want to work in the future

Non-profit organizations


Why did you get in PR?

I was originally a marketing student, but I didn't really care about business, goods or services. I had once thought about PR in high school, but it seemed like PR was all about covering up companies mistakes, and I didn't agree with that. But, when I got involved in an on-campus organization, I realized that a lot of the things I was good at: persuading people, coming up with new ideas, and others, were very related with PR. My position as PR director for the organization and enrollment in PUR3000 convinced me.

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What skills you got that may help you to be a good practitioner?

It is very easy for me to communicate my ideas, both in English and Spanish.  I am also all about coming up with new ideas. My passion for what I do is also what has helped succeed in some of the activities I have been involved in.

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Why do you think it is important to reach the Hispanic community?

As a Hispanic woman, I believe it is my responsability to represent, and speak for, what is becoming the largest minority in the country. Like any group, Hispanics have specific needs, but not everyone is capable of expressing those needs. Hispanics are also rising in economic class, political involvement, and influence at a national level.

As Hispanic, what advantages do you have to access the Hispanic community?

There is much more involved in communicating with the Hispanic community than just knowing Spanish. It is also about the culture. Having grown up in a Hispanic family I understand many of the reasons behind certain behaviors, traditions and even differences among Hispanic people.

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Do you prefer to be called Latina or Hispanic?  

I prefer Latina, but I do not mind Hispanic either. Nevertheless,  I prefer to be called Puerto Rican. I believe that using terms like Hispanic or Latina has lead the rest of the community to think that we are all the same. Especially in Public Relations, it is important for the general community to understand that all Latin American countries are different and they should be targeted different too.

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