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This animated movie demonstrates the process saltwater intrusion. In the video, a well is pumping water from the aquifer at a faster rate than it is being replenished. As a result, saltwater encroaches on the freshwater supply.

Movie length: 8 seconds
Movie size: 5 megabytes (uncompressed), 44 kilobytes (compressed)

Estimated Download Time (uncompressed)
(Dialup) - (5k/sec) - 17 minutes
(low-bandwith) - (150k/sec) - 36 Seconds
(high-bandwith) - (300k/sec) - 18 second

play movie (uncompressed)
play movie (uncompressed)

Estimated Download Time (compressed)
(Dialup)-(5k/sec) - 10 Seconds
(low-bandwith) - (150k/sec) - 1 Seconds
(high-bandwith) - (300k/sec) - 1 seconds

play movie (compressed)
play movie (compressed)

To play this clip, you need 3ivx. To download and install the 3ivx d4 4.5 codec. To obtain the codec go through the following steps:

1. Go to http://www.3ivx.com
2. Click on the download tab at the top of the screen
3. On the right hand side of the screen there are links to versions appropriate to your operating system.
4. Download the appropriate version and install it.
5. Run and play the movie.

The animation was created using drawings, Adobe Photoshop and jpg2avi. It was inspired by information from U.S. Geological Survey on saltwater intrusion.

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