Extrication Vehicle, Gainesville Challenge 2004

Extrication Vehicle, Gainesville Challenge 2004

Vehicle Extrication

Have you ever been in a car accident? Chances are if you drive a vehicle you answered yes to this question. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation there were more than 6.3 million police reported motor vehicle accidents and crashes in the year 2002. In their latest released reports, The U.S. Department of Transportation uses statistics from 2002 to formulate how many accidents will occur in 2004.

If you have been in a serious accident like a rollover or one that required the Jaws of Life, you may or may not remember what it's like to need assitance from a Fire Rescue crew. In any case this Website will show you what it would be like on the other end......the outside looking in.

A Fire rescue team working on an extrication scenario in Gainesville

A Firemen works on a patient in the green car, the roof has already been extracted off. At the same time another Fireman checks to make sure the red vehicle is stablized for safety to all the other rescuers.

This website will give a further analysis at what is involved in Vehicle Extrication. Included you will find actual photos taken at the Gainesville Extrication Challenge 2004. They show Firemen from all over the southeastern United States in action. You will also find a variety of tools, some safety advice and tips, and a listing of resources and contacts.
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