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I am Senior in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. I am receivinga degree in Telecommunications Production with a minor in Education. My hobbies include; Travel, Rollerblading, Softball, and gatherings with my family and friends.

This Website evolved from a research project for Professor D. Carlson. The site was originally going to be a day in the life of a Gainesville Firefighter. After meeting at the Gainesville Fire Department Headquarters with Michael G. Heeder, PIO/ FAEM) the Education Specialist, The day in the life turned into an Education in Extrication.

I attended hours of classroom style educational lessons and learned about all the aspects of what’s involved in Vehicle Extrication. The next two days watched, listened, recorded and learned some more. Let me not forget to mention that I spent three days hanging out with a whole ‘lotta Firemen from all over the south. Did I mention my thing for men in uniform?

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