What are the Warning Symptoms?

Ovarian cancer often shows no signs or symptoms because it is not usually discovered until it is in an advanced stage of development. Therefore, it is crucial that you listen to your body and do not ignore any of the following symptoms. Although they may be caused by other less serious conditions, it is important that a physician evaluate a woman's medical history and perform certain tests to determine the source of the symptoms.

How is Ovarian Cancer Diagnosed?

Most commonly, a mass may be felt during a routine pelvic examination that may signal to the physician the possibility of ovarian cancer. If the mass is solid, fixed or irregular, it is more likely to be malignant, or cancerous. Often a biopsy is taken of the mass and surrounding tissues for analysis. A pathologist then reviews the tissues under a microscope and can determine if cancer is present.

What are the Stages of Ovarian Cancer?

According to the International Federation of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (FIGO):

Here is a video about living with cancer and caring for yourself after diagnosis (Source: CancerSource.com):

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