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UF Campus Houses The Southern Scholarship Foundation hosts eight houses in Gainesville, each within blocks of the University of Florida. Residents are awarded scholarships which provide rent-free housing while attending college. The five female and three male houses in Gainesville provide housing for a total of 134 students.

Each house is run by a head resident and elected house officials. Residents are responsible for paying house bills, completing weekly chores, maintaining a high grade point average and living cooperatively with other residents.

At the beginning of each semester the head resident and treasurer create a semester house bill that will cover the costs of electricity, water, food, cleaning supplies, telephones, Internet access and cable. House bills for a semester usually range from $700 to $1,100, depending on the amount of residents in the house and the amenities residents want.

Residents are assigned a room and roommate/s based on a pre-existing roommate matching form. This ensures people with similar study/sleeping habits are placed together. While most of the SSF houses in Gainesville have double occupancy rooms, there a few exceptions. For example the Badcock house has three, double-resident rooms, one triple-resident room and a third floor loft which six female residents share.

Each SSF house has a unique constitution which sets up order and rules for the house. The rules that are mandatory for each house are to observe quiet hours, no drinking, smoking, drugs or coed visitation after visiting hours.

Throughout the semester the inter-house council and SSF Gainesville Student Director plan events that encourage both community service and organizational unity. Last years events: March of Dimes, Blood Drive, Halloween party, Family-Fun Day, Thanksgiving dinner, Date auctions, soccer and football games and numerous BBQ’s.

While participation in events is not mandatory, it is encouraged. The house that participates in inter-house functions the most each month is given SaSaFras-a stuffed, toy alligator-to display in their house. Competing for bragging rights to SaSaFras is one of the aspects of house unity residents enjoy.

SSF residents show their appreciation to sponsors each semester by writing thank you letters to donors for providing funding and support for SSF. Residents write sponsors about their lives in college, their families and why SSF is such an integral and treasured part of their lives.

Badcock Scholarship House
1130 S.W. 8th Avenue
Gainesville, Fl 32601

Hansen Scholarship House
1065-A S.W. 9th Street
Gainesville, Fl 32601

Hartman Scholarship House
1065-B S.W. 9th Street
Gainesville, Fl 32601

Hawksley I Scholarship House
1084 S.W. 9th Street
Gainesville, Fl 32601

Hawksley II Scholarship House
1102 S.W. 9th Street
Gainesville, Fl 32601

Pilot Scholarship House
705 S.W. 12th Street
Gainesville, Fl 32601

Rotary Scholarship House
2121 S.W. 16th Street
Gainesville, Fl 32608

Williams Scholarship House
1064-A S.W. 9th Street
Gainesville, Fl 32601

Williams House


Hawksley 1