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SSF Offices:

Gainesville, Fl
Teresa Turner
Dir. Student Affairs
(352) 337-1282

Tallahassee, Fl
Cindy Michelson
SSF President

  1. Head Resident

    - Usually a senior or graduate student who is a paid SSF employee
    - Acts as a liaison between the SSF office and the residents
    - Submits all paperwork and weekly updates for the house
    - The only position the house that residents to not elect
  2. President

    - In charge of scheduling and checking house chores
    - Works with the head resident to schedule house meetings and maintain a cooperative environment.
  3. Vice President

    - In charge of scheduling and checking cook/clean crews for weekly meals
    - Assists the Head resident and president
  4. Treasurer

    - Collects house bills from all residents
    -Pays all house bills in a timely manner
  5. Business Managers

    - Plan weekly meals for residents
    - Buy food and cleaning supplies for the house each week
  6. Fire Marshall

    ­- Plans and executes house fire drills
  7. Historian

    - Takes pictures of residents throughout he semester
    - Makes either a scrapbook or collage, picture frame, as a record of each semester.
  8. Inter-House Council Representatives

    - Attend inter-house meetings, and report back to residents on SSF happenings
    - Plan inter-house socials, volunteering and events