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Five steps to becoming an SSF resident…
  1. Demonstrate financial need.

    Financial need must be shown by an applicant’s Student Aid Report (SAR). On the SAR the applicant’s Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) may be no more than $7,500 per school year. If the EFC is more than $7,500, a letter explaining unique financial circumstances may be considered on behalf of the applicant.International students, who may not have a SAR must also submit a letter explaining their financial circumstances.

  2. Have a high grade point average.

    SSF accepts students with a minimum of a 3.0 unwieghted, high school GPA or 2.85 in college.

  3. Possess outstanding character.

    This will be proved in the three letters of recommendation and an essay reflecting your accomplishments, personality and goals.
  4. Show acceptance to college.

    SSF needs a copy of your acceptance letter to one of the following colleges:
    University of Florida
    Florida State University
    Florida A&M University
    Bethune-Cookman College
    Florida Gulf Coast University
  5. Be motivated!

    The average student accepted has demonstrated motivation by participating in numerous community activities and been honored by their school or organization by awards.
Download an application at http://www.southernscholarship.org