NICKY: The Tale of the "Italian Stallion"

My name is Nick Lipari and this is my final project for my MMC3260 course at the University of Florida. This past year has been a wild ride, with me having to construct several Web sites from scratch. This is my first attempt at a site using Dreamweaver. I found it very challenging and intimidating to use, but the possibilities with the program seem endless.

So you're probably asking yourself, "Of all the topics I could have possibly chosen, why did I end up making this site about the history of pizza?" Well, that's a great question. First of all, let it be known that I had several previous ideas for this project, but for matters of copyright laws, I had to change my plans. But other than that, it seems like the perfect idea for a guy like me: I'm a hungry Italian-American college student who appreciates the miracle that is pizza. I'm finishing up my junior year at the University of Florida right now, majoring in journalism with my specialty being in magazines. I think that in developing sites like these, I am gaining valuable experience in a technology-based world that I can use later in my career.

I am very proud to be 100% Italian, so it hurts me to see these cheap rip-offs of what is supposed to be pizza. Does that mean that I'll deny myself a free slice of Domino's when I'm walking around campus? Of course not! I'm a college student, and I need to eat! Plus, free food usually tastes good. But when I'm craving the best stuff, I usually know exactly where to look.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.