Highway 64: Beautiful Scenery

View of a ranch from 64

64 offers countless picture-perfect views, including this one of a New Mexico ranch.

Oooh! Ahhh!

A road trip wouldn’t be a road trip without gorgeous scenery. It’s one form of entertainment that doesn’t even require travelers to park their cars. Highway 64 offers plenty of beautiful vistas, from cityscapes to snowcapped mountains.

Here are some points along 64 where travelers are likely to want to stop and take snapshots. Text links will take you to descriptions of these places within this site. External links, which will open in a new browser window, will take you directly to other Web sites that celebrate the scenic places themselves.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina (text)
North Carolina dairy country
North Carolina's "Waterfall Road"
Sewanee, Tenn. (University of the South)
Downtown Memphis, Tenn.
The Mississippi River
Arkansas Wine Country
Petit Jean State Park
Oklahoma's "Red Carpet Country"
Black Mesa State Park, Okla.
Cimmaron Canyon State Park, N.M.
Capulin Volcano National Monument, N.M.
Taos and Taos Pueblo, N.M.
The Rio Grande, N.M.
Ship Rock, N.M.
(text only)
Four Corners (N.M./Ariz./Colo./Utah)