Highway 64: Geocaches

Near the station for the Cumbres and Toltec scenic railroad, in Chama, N.M., lies a geocache placed by the author of this site.

A game of hide and seek

During my westward journey on 64 in May and June of 2003, I placed a geocache somewhere near the highway in each state I visited. Geocaching is a new hobby made possible by the availablity of low-cost, handheld GPS units. Geocachers hide small treasure boxes, record the latitude and longitude of the hiding places, then report the coordinates on the Internet so that other geocachers can find them.

I placed my four geocaches in places that will be fun to find, both for the sport of hunting for hidden treasure, and because they're near tourist attractions and other things to do. But I've been unable to check on them since I placed them. If you find one, please e-mail me.

Here are the locations of the four caches.

1. Chama, N.M. N 36° 54.210' W 106° 34.729' Elevation 7,857 feet

2. Pawnee, Okla. N 36° 19.897' W 96° 48.971 Elevation 997 feet

3. Fort Smith, Ark. N 35° 22.343' W 94° 23.927' Elevation 434 feet

4. Belvidere, Tenn. N 35° 05.942' W 086° 15.694' Elevation 833 feet