Highway 64: Shipwrecks to Ship Rock

Oklahoma's rolling ranchlands represent just one of the many enchanting varieties of terrain travelers encounter on U.S. 64.

East and west at the same time? So it appears. But that's just a quirk of highway engineering. U.S. 64 stretches hundreds of miles both east and west from this signpost in Oklahoma.


America’s greatest
living road

No form of travel is more American than the road trip. And no road threads together American history, scenery and wonder than U.S. Highway 64.

Stretching 2,326 miles, Highway 64 links five Sun Belt states, several National Park Service attractions, hundreds of years of history and countless hours of fascinating travel. Unlike its dead cousin, Route 66, Highway 64 remains viable and well marked, open for use every day by everyone. It  provides an ideal tour route for travelers seeking main-road convenience and back-road charm.

This Web site gives a taste of what travelers will encounter on 64. It outlines attractions by state, but also suggests themes around which travelers can organize their own tours.

If you decide to see for yourself what this great American road has to offer, please contact the author. Enjoy the ride.