Primaries and Caucuses (2)

MARCH 2, SUPER Tuesday, is also a big day for candidates because 1,150 delegates are up for grabs in the California, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont primaries and Minnesota caucus. The last Democratic primaries are in Montana in New Jersey on June 8.

Although President Bush is the presumptive nominee, Republicans have still held state primaries and caucuses. Often his name is the only one on the ballot. In some cases, the state's Republican Party has opted not to have a voting contest and instead just selected a list of delegates to send to the convention.

The major difference between the Democratic and Republican primary and caucus contests is in the way delegates are assigned to the winner. Democrats assign delegates proportionally and Republicans have a "winner take all" system. Democrats also have more caucus races than Republicans.6

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