WE'VE REACHED ANOTHER year divisible by four, and that means another presidential race is upon us. The candidates are out in force shaking hands, kissing babies and fund-raising as only a PTA mom could dream.

They're also taking every opportunity to tout their accomplishments and more often rip each other to shreds.

We've already seen attack ads on cable stations, and as the election grows near, we'll only be increasingly bombarded by analysis and punditry from both sides.

With all the long hours, fake smiles and constant scrutiny, it makes you wonder why anyone would actually want the job.

Well, for one, the president is arguably the most powerful man in the world. Not a bad job description but a little on the stressful side. To compensate, the president surrounds himself with a 15-member cabinet, all experts in their fields, who keep him informed and help him make decisions.1