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Trends of Media Stereotypes


Following this historical trend it is not unusual that the recent surge of homosexual characters in prime-time television has occurred simultaneously with the gay-rights movement, the abolition of sodomy laws, and the election of a gay bishop in the Episcopalian Church. The media is beginning to portray homosexuals in a more dynamic fasion with both effeminate and masculine roles.

This is illustrated in the line graphs. The first graph is a representation of the dramatic increase of homosexuals on primetime television. The second graph illustrates the increase of societal acceptance among Americans. Although the increase is not as dramatic it is steadily increasing.

Homosexual Television Characters
1961-1970 1 documented character
1971-1980 58 documented character
1981-1990 89 documented characters
1991-2000 306 documented characters
2001-2010 not yet recorded

View Statistical Graphs:

  • Number of Homosexual Characters on Prime Time Television
  • Societal Acceptance of Homosexuality
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