The shock of coming home

After a long absence, and often despite visits home, people can experience a form of inverse culture shock upon returning to their place of origin. This may seem outlandish considering the consuming desire to return to your familiar environment that characterized culture shock.

It is often difficult to readjust to the old way of life. While reuniting with friends and family is always a pleasant experience, you may miss the routines and habits acquired while away. This can be frustrating and dismaying when you envision homecoming as a wonderful moment where the world goes back to feeling "normal" again. The truth is though that like you missed the things and habits customs that made home "home," you will also yearn for those habits and manners that you became accustomed during your abscence. Also, after an absence of several years it is likely that things have changed somewhat from your idealized memories.

Similarly to culture shock, the feeling eventually passes as you re-acclimatize and settle in to you old surroundings.

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