It happens to the best of us. There we are, excited and anxious to embark on a new adventure far away from home.We've read all the travel guides, taken the language classes and watched movies to help us get a feel for our new environment, but none the less it still hits us. Within minutes of boarding the airplane the little old lady sitting next to you seems taken aback at your cheerful greeting, and is aloof for the rest of the flight. As you realize a month after arriving at destination, your informal conduct is considered offensive in her culture, and since then you feel that you have proceeded to make yourself stick out like a sore thumb for the duration of your stay.

This feeling of being out of the loop and not belonging in your new environment is called culture shock.

In this Web-site, I will attempt to explain the nature of this common ailment, how it affects the interested parties, and how to overcome it. Although I am not an expert in this field, I have traveled extensively, living in different countries and experiencing and overcoming culture shock. Everything on this Web-site has been researched to the best of my ability, and reported using reliable sources.

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