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  The Groom's Cake   Jumping the Broom
  The groom's cake is a smaller cake that is served at the wedding reception. Young women (unmarried) will want to take a piece of the groom's  cake home to place under their pillows and the old wive's tale says "they will marry whomever they dream of that night."   An African tribal ritual had couples placing sticks on the ground to symbolize their home together.  This may be the origin of broom jumping, which was popular among African-American slaves; it may also symbolize the sweepinng away of evil spirits. 

Throwing Rice    

Wedding Cake

Rice was also seen as a symbol of fertility, and people would throw it at the couple as they left the wedding site as a blessing to be fruitful and prosper.

In 1st Century Rome, cake was thrown or broken over the bride's head as a symbol of fertitility.  It was originally part of the ceremony.

Breaking the Glass
Crushing a wineglass under the groom's foot at the end of the ceremony is a Jewish traition with many meanings. It's a symbol of the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem; a representation of the fragility of realtionships; and a reminder that marriage changes the lives of individuals forever.

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