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The following are audio clips from various University of Florida students regarding their caffeine habits and college lifestyle.

Bridget Carey , age 19
Journalism Sophomore
Creator of this Web Page

Coffee has become a part of my lifestyle. I have a heavy course load and donít manage my time well. So I let caffeine do the time managing for me. I get on average about five hours a sleep night, and I will find myself drinking about four or more cups of coffee a day to stay awake. My lifestyle isnít the healthiest, and I wonder how myself and others wind up down this road of depending on coffee on a constant basis. Many days I feel that it just isnít possible to get through the day without some coffee or espresso drink. My own caffeine dependency has been the inspiration for this Web page. My Web site may not have all the answers, but through this research hopefully a better understanding can be reached regarding our cultureís craze for caffeine.

Jennifer Reixach, age 19
Psychology Junior

I never really used to drink any coffee back in high school, but also back then I had good study habits: I would go to school, I would go to work, I would study and I would go to sleep. Now I go to school, I go to work, sometimes I go to party Ė all the time Ė and I never really get the chance to study. And when I do, itís all with caffeine.

Wayne Sherman, age 21
Nursing Junior

I never liked the taste of coffee, but when I have to stay up late cramming for a test I usually end up taking caffeine pills to keep me awake. It's not healthy, but I do what I got to do to get the good grade.

Jared Johnston, age 22
Political Science Senior

Yeah I couldnít stay up late at night over the summer without having my coffee in the morning to wake me up. Two or three cups and Iíd be ready to go, even if I had three or four hours of sleep.

Michael Lemus, age 21
Accounting Junior

Usually when I study I always study in the mornings, thatís when Iím most attentive. But usually just to wake myself up Iíll usually have a couple of shots of espresso. It helps keep me attentive and on focus instead of studying for five minutes and then go and playing Xbox for an hour and repeating the process about three times. But yeah, definitely when I drink caffeine in the morning it helps me get a lot of stuff done.

Elia Junco, age 19
Biological Engineering Sophomore

Last semester I used coffee in place of sleep. But then I realized that I was doing bad on my tests and it just made me jittery.

Raymond Sierra, age 19
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Junior

I don't drink coffee too often, but flabnabbit when finals come by I sure need something to help keep me awake. And ooooh wee boy does that coffee do the trick!

© Bridget M. Carey 2004