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Port Antonio
"The Aquatic Garden of Eden"

Port Antonio is considered Jamaica's hidden treasure. In the 19th Century it was known as the world's banana capital. It is speculated that Jamaica's tourism was born in Port Antonio because of the banana boats going to and from Boston in the United States.

Portland boasts waterfalls such as Scatter Water Falls and Nanny Water Falls, with water that looks like emeralds and sapphires falling from a pristine sky. Tourists can ride on bamboo boats that drift along the waters of the Rio Grande and through exquisite tropical forests.

There is Boston Beach, which is one of Jamaica's most popular bathing beaches. The waves there are high enough for surfing and in the middle of aquatic adventures, tourists can munch on the Jerk Pork or Chicken that Port Antonio is famous for.

Tourists can visit Navy Island, which is an island that is about 7 minutes from Port Antonio by boat. On this island people can stay in or simply view African-style cottages or villas and participate in a variety of water sports. The ferry that takes tourists to and from Navy Island operates 24 hours a day, so if a couple wants to escape into a romantic adventure at 2am, it can be done with ease. Another island that can be visited is Monkey Island, and this destination is one for snorkeling buffs. Tourists leave their belongings on Monkey Island, are dropped off at the reef and then snorkel back to the south side of the island, all the while viewing the most beautiful underwater sights that one can imagine.