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Ocho Rios

Port Antonio
"The Garden City"

Ocho Rios, translates into "Eight Rivers" and it is speculated that the name was derived from the notion that the waterfalls are the most striking feature of that area. Ocho Rios was formerly a fishing and banana port, but now it is a resort town with alluring beaches and dazzling waterfalls. Dunn's River Falls is the attraction that Ocho Rios owes most of its fame to. Tourists have a wonderful time climbing up the falls and swimming in the cool waters.

The Fern Gully Rainforest is another attraction Ocho Rios is well-known for. Fern Gully is a four-mile stretch of winding road that winds through the heart of the rainforest. It is surrounded by plush trees and plant life and has over 500 species of ferns and orchids. The actual drive through Fern Gully actually only takes about 15 minutes, but between the breathtaking sights and the vendors selling delectable gifts, the experience may take a little longer than that.

Ocho Rios is located within a parish called St.Ann, otherwise known as "The Garden Parish" because it has so much beauty in its lush vegetation.