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"No Problem, Man"

Negril was discovered in the 1950s and was little more than the beach and the sky. The hippies and flower children of the 1970s were the first people to discover Negril's beauty and potential to be a wonderful city. Negril's naturally laid-back lifestyle appealed to them immensely and they pushed for Negril to develop into a tourist town -- which it did.

Negril is the ultimate city for a person who wants a combination of utter relaxation, as well as more fun, excitement and partying than their body can handle. On the one hand, Negril is all beach, blue sky and a good book: you can choose to get lost in any of the three. However, on the other hand, Negril has some of the best clubs ad restaurants in Jamaica. The Jungle is one of them. The Jungle is a club in Negril with a theme that matches the name exactly. The Jungle is very spacious, energetic and can get as wild and exciting as, well, a jungle. The Jungle has been deemed as one of the best going-out spots in Jamaica and the proof is definitely in the scenery, as the Jungle is chocked full of people every day of the week.

The party never stops in Negril, but you are always reminded of an option to simply beach and chill out whenever you turn your head toward the emerald waters of the Caribbean Sea.